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Love Never Dies

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  • Booking From:
  • 17-Mar-2010
  • Booking Until:
  • 28-May-2011
  • Running Time:
  • 2hrs 30mins
  • Genre:
  • Musicals

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Love Never Dies Tickets

Adelphi Theatre, 409 - 412 Strand London WC2E 7NA

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From the Gothic surrounds of the Paris Opera House to the dazzling heights of New York’s Coney Island – the Phantom returns. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spectacular new musical reunites the masked Phantom with his only true love and musical protégée, the stunning beauty Christine Daaé. Love Never Dies is a roller coaster ride of intrigue, obsession and romance – where little is as it first appears.

With Madame Giry’s help the Phantom escaped the Paris mobs to build a glittering new empire in the new world. For ten long years the Phantom has hidden himself amongst the freaks and sideshows nursing his broken heart and yearning for his true love to return. And now…

Blinded by money and the bright lights of Coney - Christine, with Raoul and their son Gustave, is lured to America to perform one final time. But Christine soon discovers the true identity of the mysterious impresario who has tempted her across the Atlantic. As old wounds are reopened and forgotten memories unlocked –

The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, Love Never Dies.

Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm
Theatre Venue: Adelphi Theatre
Address: Denman Street, London W1D 7DY
Seating Plan: Seating Plan
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First called The Sans Pareil opening 27th November 1806 before changing its name to Adelphi in 1819. In 1858 the theatre was replaced by a more up to date building now called New Adelphi and then Royal Adelphi in 1867. Re designed in 1930 by Ernest Schaufelberg.

Music:Andrew Lloyd Webber
Author:Andrew Lloyd Webber
Director:Jack O’Brien
Lighting:Bob Crowley
Choreography:Jerry Mitchell
Casts:Ramin Karimloo (Phantom), Sierra Boggess (Christine), Joseph Millson (Raoul), Liz Robertson (Madame Giry), Summer Strallen (Meg Giry), Niamh Perry (Fleck) , Adam Pearce (Squelch), Jami Reid-Quarrell (Gangle), Derek Andrews, Dean Chisnall, Helen Dixon, Lucie Downer, Paul Farrell, Charlene Ford, Chris Gage, Lucy van Gasse, Celia Graham, Simon Ray Harvey, Jack Horner, Erin Anna Jameson, Pip Jordan, Jessica Kirton, Louise Madison, Janet Mooney, Colette Morrow, Tam Mutu, Ashley Nottingham, Tom Oakley, Mark Skipper, Jonathan Stewart, Tim Walton, Annette Yeo.
"There is much to enjoy in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical. The score is one of the composer's most seductive. Bob Crowley's design and Jack O'Brien's direction have a beautiful kaleidoscopic fluidity. And the performances are good. The problems lie within the book, chiefly credited to Lloyd Webber himself and Ben Elton, which lacks the weight to support the imaginative superstructure...In short, the show has much to commend it and the staging is a constant source of iridescent pleasure. But, as one of the lyrics reminds us, 'diamonds never sparkle bright unless they are set just right'. Although Lloyd Webber's score is full of gems, in the end a musical is only as good as its book. With a libretto to match the melodies, this might have been a stunner rather than simply a good night out."
Michael Billington from The Guardian

"Dismally implausible plot...The blogosphere has been teeming with views of Lloyd Webber?s long-awaited Phantom II. For some, Love Never Dies is 'Paint Never Dries', and for others the composer is at his musical best. I tend to agree with both factions....Bob Crowley (Designs] successfully evokes much of Phantasma, helped by projections of spooky horses on carousels. Yet that?s all rather cursory, as is the choreography, which doesn?t amount to a lot more than the inevitable bathing beauties bouncing about on the beach. "
Benedict Nightingale from The Times

"Lloyd Webber?s finest show since the original Phantom, with a score blessed with superbly haunting melodies and a yearning romanticism that sent shivers racing down my spine....The show may ultimately prove too strange, too dark, too tormented to become a massive popular hit, but I suspect its creepy allure will linger potently in the memory when frothier shows have been long forgotten. "
The Daily Telegraph

"What is in no doubt is the technical excellence of Jack O'Brien's seamlessly fluent, sumptuous (and sometimes subtle) production, or the splendour of the orchestra which pours forth Lloyd Webber's dark-hued, yearning melodies as if its life depended on them."
Paul Taylor from The Independent

"It doesn?t really smoke into life until the 20th minute and even then it splutters for a while. Finally, the singing and the ingenious staging combine to show the Lloyd Webber orchestration to its full glory, but, boy, it takes an age."
Quentin Letts from The Daily Mail

"While Lloyd Webber?s music is at times lavishly operatic, the tone is uneven. There are no more than a couple of songs that promise to live in the memory, the duets don?t soar, and the ending is insipid. Admirers of Phantom are likely to be disappointed, and there?s not enough here to entice a new generation of fans."
Henry Hitchings from The Evening Standard

"Sets and special effects cannot be faulted, the singing is terrific...a stunning ending. But phantastic? Afraid not."
Bill Hagerty from The Sun

"Musically, it is pleasing enough...Visually, the show is stunning in places."
Matthew Hemley from The Stage

"This is an elegant and clever sequel to Phantom...It is a great night out."
Paul Callan from The Daily Express

"While lushly orchestrated (by David Cullen with Mr. Lloyd Webber), the score is, for the most part, so slow that you have time to anticipate Mr. Slater?s next leaden rhyme. Each of the songs ? which range from bathing-beauty frolics to power-chord operetta ballads ? spins a single tune until it loses its tread."
Ben Brantley from The New York Times

"The musical is impressive and enjoyable, even with its heavy hokum and creakiest of plots."
Warwick Thompson from Bloomberg News

"It is unimaginable all the people required to make a production like this but a thank you goes out to all involved for making such a remarkable and history-making musical. Bravo. Andrew Lloyd Webber must be very proud seeing this idea finally come to life."
Ann Kamran from Stagetalk.co.uk